05.2 – Greg DeShields from PHL Diversity

Have you thought about the advantages of working with a Minority Owned Business or Enterprise (MBE)? Have you considered the advantages of developing diversity and inclusion initiatives?

On this episode of The Self Made Strategies Podcast, we sat down with Greg DeShields, of PHLDiversity.

Here is what you will learn about on this podcast episode:
• What are some of the fundamental strategies businesses (especially minority owned
enterprises or MBEs) can use for their strategic plan?
• How do some of those strategies apply to preparing a business plan?
• How can minority owned businesses leverage when attending meetings or conferences?
• How can MBEs better prepare themselves for these opportunities?
• What are some of the procurement strategies that MBEs should use to increase their
likelihood of success?
• What are some of other longterm strategies MBEs should use to ensure greater likelihood of
• What are some of the barriers MBEs face regularly (for example, access to capital) and what
are the best strategies to work around those barriers?
• Other tips to help businesses become “business ready.”
• What are the advantages to bringing MBEs on as subcontractors for other businesses?
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