118: Rip Tilden – Great Leaders are Made not Born

Charles “Rip” Tilden – Great Leaders are Made not Born

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On this episode, we sat down (virtually) with Rip Tilden.  Rip has been helping companies grow throughout his 30+ year career. He has experience in more than 10 industries in public and private companies in wireless communications, automotive, distribution, defense and aerospace, manufacturing, retail and fitness and wellness. He also has a strong reputation as a team builder with a proven ability to lead change, grow organizations and deliver strong results in intensely competitive industries. His experience includes international work in Europe and Asia. He is known for integrity, outstanding communications skills, and a consistent record of successfully executing strategic vision to grow enterprise value.

Specialties: Rip’s passion is helping entrepreneurs build their businesses. He is particularly good at building and leading teams. Rip understands what makes a business works and enjoys teaching and coaching leadership teams to strengthen their businesses and gain traction every day. 

Check out Rip’s book : Leading on Purpose: Sage Advice and Practical Tools for Becoming the Complete Leader (https://read.amazon.com/kp/embed?asin=B00O96EBOW&preview=newtab&linkCode=kpe&ref_=cm_sw_r_kb_dp_9YNDDPH80867BY3F3PVY&tag=selfmadestrat-20)

Great leaders are made, not born.  Extraordinary results are within your reach.  


On this episode you will hear:
  • Rip shares growth strategies, advice, and best practices, for the leaders listening to this episode.
  • Also, why great leaders are made, not born.
  • Then, we discuss why you need to understand leadership styles.
  • We also talk about why you should start with leadership strategy.
  • Rip lists his best practices for improving your communication skills.
  • We discuss how you can inspire engagement through motivation.
  • And finally, we discuss the best ways to guide behavior through feedback.
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