12: The 2019 Guide to Crushing it at Networking Events

On this episode of The Self Made Strategies Podcast, we sat down with Ashley Owens, of Ashley Assists (https://ashleyassists.com/) and the Successfully Screwed Podcast (https://www.successfullyscrewedpodcast.com/), to discuss the most effective methods to help increase your personal branding and networking ROI.

About our guest: Ashley Owens is a dynamic, passionate, multi-disciplinary leader who has improved networking growth in a number of different businesses as a strategic partner. Ashley is also the cohost of the Successfully Screwed Podcast (she’s the “extraverted one”). Ashley is a networking concierge who can help you by being your strategic partner at networking events.

On this episode of the Self Made Strategies Podcast, you will learn about:
• How Ashley Assists can help you as your networking concierge
• What are some of the Ashley Assists Networking Concierge services offered?
• How Ashley helps entrepreneurs and trusted advisors achieve their goals through her work as
a networking concierge
• Why networking is so critical to empowering your growth and success
• How entrepreneurs and trusted advisors can improve your efficiency when attending
networking events
• Why entrepreneurs should get involved in multimedia projects (like podcasts, video
production, speaking engagements, etc.), to increase your reach and personal brand
• Which mediums are most effective in helping increase your personal branding ROI
• We also discuss some of the “screw ups, bad decisions, tough mistakes, the uphill battles, and
the tears” that it takes to get to the entrepreneurial promised land (that we all see on
Facebook and Instagram)
• The best tips and tricks that may help you avoid some of the “pivotal f-ups” on the road to
entrepreneurial success

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