28: LIVE Recording – How to Strategically Plan for Rapid Growth with Luke Bowen of Evil Genius Beer Company

This episode of the Self Made Strategies Podcast was our first-ever “pop-up podcast,” LIVE from the Evil Genius Beer Lab and Brewpub, located in Fishtown (in Philadelphia, PA). Evil Genius has 12 unique Evil Genius beers on tap, including a Pineapple Hefeweizen, Lemon Lavender Saison, a low-calorie IPA (called “FELT CUTE, MIGHT DELETE LATER”), a Raspberry Shandy (called “You’re Killing Me Smalls”), and many others.

On this episode of The Self Made Strategies Podcast, we sat down with Luke Bowen, the Co-Founder of Evil Genius Beer Company (http://evilgeniusbeer.com/). Evil Genius is one of the top 250 breweries by volume in the US, with distribution in PA, DE, NJ, MA, MD, CT, and RI.

Luke is also a Founding Partner of Bowen Hayward Group, LLC – an investment vehicle with holdings in various Commercial Real Estate and Food & Beverage Companies. Luke has Co-Authored Academic Papers which have been published Internationally on Advertising Strategy, Market Research Best Practices, and Corporate Social Responsibility.

In 2019, the Philadelphia Business Journal named Luke one of Philadelphia’s 40under40.

A special thank you to our guest co-host, Michael Leary of One Fifteen Films (www.onefifteenfilms.com) for co-hosting this episode and adding a ton of value to the entrepreneurship discussion.

A special shout out to Nik Mondo (Mondo Media Solutions – https://www.mmsproav.com/), Matt Berman (Philly Made Creative – https://www.phillymadecreative.com/), Sara Teixeira (The Tailory – http://thetailory.com/) for jumping on the mic to ask Luke some awesome questions at the end of the episode.

Make sure you visit (http://evilgeniusbeer.com/) to check out all of the amazing beers and the amazing Corporate Social Responsibility (think nonprofit and philanthropic) work that they do.

On this episode of the Self Made Strategies Podcast, you will learn about:

• Best practices to grow your business (from idea to being in the 95th percentile in your space –
just like Evil Genius)
• How Luke Bowen and Trevor Hayward (Luke’s co-founder) came up with the idea for getting
Evil Genius started
• How Evil Genius got to the 95th percentile of all craft breweries in the US (and what you
should be doing with your brand)
• How your branding can be most effective in a crowded market or service area (beer is a pretty
crowded market, and Luke shares a ton of great advice on standing out from the crowd)
• How to ensure that you maintain your high quality standards while undergoing rapid growth
• What process you can use to ensure that the new people you add to your team are
maintaining your branding strategy and high quality standards
• How to “kill your competition” (using your branding and content strategy) – Luke discusses
how Evil Genius kills the competition with respect to Evil Genius’ target audience – Millennials
• How to ensure you are keeping your branding strategy fresh (For example, Evil Genius
recently opened a Beer Garden, next door to the Beer Lab, and for the grand opening they
celebrated with a luau-style party themed after the 1991 surfer crime drama “Point Break,”
complete with tiki cups, grass skirts, and leis)
• Advice for entrepreneurs looking to diversify or innovate in a crowded market
• Why you should invest in your website (making sure it converts well) BEFORE worrying about
• Advice for entrepreneurs looking to strategically grow a new brand
• How to deal with rapid growth
• How your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) work can add significant value to your overall
marketing strategy (For example, Evil Genius has also started a series of weekly charity events
known as “Evil Does Good,” during which the company will donate one dollar from every beer
sold to a different charity)
•i Advice for business owners who are considering adding a CSR plan to their business
• Whether “bootstrapping” your business or product launch is best, or should you consider
• And so much more!

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