33: Guide to Exponential Growth with Roman Sharf – Founder and CEO of Luxury Bazaar

Roman Sharf is the Founder and CEO of Luxury Bazaar (https://www.luxurybazaar.com/). Roman always tells it like it is (see for yourself by checking out the trailer for his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cyr88HssUkM). Roman always tries to give back, but also believes in working hard and playing hard.

A special thank you to our guest co-host, Michael Leary of One Fifteen Films (www.onefifteenfilms.com) for co-hosting this episode and adding a ton of value to the entrepreneurship and business growth discussion.

On this episode of the Self Made Strategies Podcast, you will learn about:

• How to ensure that you are maintaining your high customer service standards while
undergoing rapid growth
• What process did you use to ensure that the new employees you were adding were bought in
to your “add value first philosophy?”
• Why Standard Operating Procedures are critical for growth, but why you must also allow your
employees, teammates and stakeholders to modify those SOPs as you grow
• Why educating your consumer is a critical strategy for massive growth
• Why being spontaneous on your YouTube videos, Podcasts, and other forums is important to
add character to your personal brand
• Advice for entrepreneurs looking to grow their brand by educating their clients
• Why you need to produce “Creative Content Consistently”
• Why story is a huge part of your content creation strategy
• Why you cannot only create content for one medium (and why you need to be on the
platforms that are most effective for your marketing strategy)
• Why you should be tracking data (touch-points
• The top 3 tips for creating compelling YouTube videos and building a significant YouTube
• Why you NEED to get comfortable in front of a camera (and why you should be talking into
your phone or camera EVERY morning)
• Why you must innovate your content on a consistent basis
• Why micro-influencers might be a great investment for your social media marketing strategy
• Why you should focus on creating a video or podcast library rather than promotional
materials, to show your clients a different side of your business
• And so much more!

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